Strategic Alliances

Wood Tooling Shop is actively seeking strategic partners in the woodworking industry to provide better coverage and support to the users of woodworking tools in the various market segments that our products reach.

Our partners benefit from 50 years of accumulated knowledge and experience, having developed unique tool designs that are accepted all over the world.

Wood Tooling Shop has a unique understanding of this market, its specific requirements, and the demands of the user base. We are seeking partners that are fully committed to the same.

We recognize the fact that our industry faces market conditions from variables such as the millennial impact and other disruptive forces severely impacting distributors and their dealer networks’ profitability.

We recognize the paramount importance of continual product enhancement and innovative design implementations aimed at elevating the performance standards demanded by our customers. Through dedicated research and development efforts, we strive to anticipate evolving needs, ensuring our offerings remain at the forefront of excellence and efficiency in meeting diverse consumer requirements.

Please note that Wood Tooling Shop has strict guidelines for the selection process and treats all inquiries on a confidential basis. Please submit this form to begin the process and receive an introductory call for more information.

Dealer Application

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