Combination Blades

Combination Blades

For 90% of your woodworking, table saw jobs, a high quality combination blade or all purpose blade is your best bet.

But this is where you want to pay up for quality which will save you on cleanup work in the future, due to excessive tearout.

Combination blades are designed to crosscut and rip due to their blade construction by combining ATB and flat raker teeth. The ATB, alternate top bevel teeth, have an alternating angle shape that aids in crosscutting wood while the flat top, raker teeth aid in ripping along the grain.

So if you were to only have one blade on your tablesaw doing ripping and crosscutting, a high quality combination blade will be your best option.

Though, high quality general purpose ATB blades are also a great option which we will discuss in another article..

Click here to find out more about the Italian made Wood Tooling Shop Combination Blade.

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