Garage Warriors

It does not matter if you are a homeowner making your house repairs or just someone that enjoys weekend building projects. Sooner or later almost every project will require cutting and sizing materials to meet your exact needs. Regardless of using a power circular saw or a table saw, having the proper blade is essential.

There are endless brands available, with only one common feature. That is a round steel plate or circular blade full of sharp teeth that tear through the wood. Every blade has unique features regarding the number of teeth and geometry of the sharpening. Each manufacturer has its own configuration and design ideas.

Some view circular saws as more ideal for rough carpentry than for fine woodworking. That is not true at all. In the right hands, circular saws cut straight, clean lines. But a lot depends on the blade you use.

The difference between blades is their teeth design. Ripping blades have fewer evenly spaced teeth, while crosscut blades have more teeth and specific geometry ground onto each tooth. Combination blades have 50 teeth and 10 deep gullets to handle ripping as well as cross-cutting requirements. They generally have a heavier blade body for maximum stability. If budget is an issue, it is best to invest in a premium combination blade to get started.

Specialty Saw Blades for the Demanding Garage Warrior

Power Equipment

Portable power equipment needs application-specific blades. Match the tooth count and geometry to your specific machine and cutting requirements. 

Combination Saw Blade


A 50 tooth combination blade capable of ripping as well as cross-cutting requirements. Heavier blade body for maximum stability. Internal slots filled with special dampening material. The result is a blade that cuts extremely quietly and does not vibrate in the cut. 

Fiber Cement

Diamond tipped blades for cutting Fiber Cement Boards that providing extremely long life. Special laser cut internal slots to ensure low noise in operation. You can’t find these at a Big Box Retailer.

Our low noise-extended life blades are ideal for use on fiber cement materials and a wide range of home building materials. The Diamond-Tipped Tooth in a thin-kerf design is ideal on table saws with lower horsepower. Laser-Cut Anti-Vibration Slots promote a smoother cut with less noise.

Available in Standard Sizes:

  • 5″ Diameter x 4 Teeth x 5/8″ Bore x .071″ Kerf – FCSB-001D
  • 7-1/4″ Diameter x 4 Teeth x 5/8″ Bore x .071″ Kerf – FCSB-002D
  • 10″ Diameter x 6 Teeth x 5/8″ Bore x .087″ Kerf – FCSB-003D
  • 12″ Diameter x 8 Teeth x 1″ Bore x .087″ Kerf – FCSB-004D