General Purpose ATB Blades

General Purpose ATB Blades

Made In Italy.

Our Cross Cut Saw Blade is designed as a General Purpose blade for crosscutting across the grain with easy feed into the material. The blade leaves a smooth, clean, chip-free cut on the top and bottom edges of the material. The high tooth count and Alternate Top Bevel design make the blade perfect for use when finishing is a high priority.

Table and miter saw blades come in many different configurations.

First, when it comes to the number of teeth, fewer teeth cut more quickly and more coarsely while more teeth on your blade will cut slower but it will also leave a smoother cut.

Next, is the tooth style.

Here is where we will discuss one of the few styles of teeth called ATB, which stands for alternate top bevel.

Blades with ATB teeth are great blades for all purpose crosscutting and ripping.

The ATB blade teeth are angled on the top edge with alternating angles per the above drawing. Most of these blades in the 40 to 60 tooth range are labeled as all purpose or general purpose. They can also come in a steeper angle usually listed as Hi-ATB. The steeper the bevel, the cleaner the cut. But the teeth will dull quicker on these blades. This tooth profile will assist the blade in shearing the wood fibers cleanly, using a slicing motion.

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