The Next Generation of Saw Blade Performance

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The Next Generation of Saw Blade Performance

The Wood Tooling Shop is proud to introduce a range of carbide-tipped saw blades designed for superior performance with a lower total cost of ownership. The unique design results from working with European manufacturers to create a product offering that had not one unique feature but a combination of all the newest innovations available to blade producers without being cost-prohibitive. The result is the ultimate in blade design for Professional Woodworkers and Cabinet Makers.

The blade contains a unique pattern of strategically placed inner and outer slots filled with a special dampening material to eliminate the harmonic impact, vibration, and noise. The initial offering consists of a full range of 10” diameter blades in different configurations for common cutting conditions and materials. Each configuration utilizes sub-micron grade carbide tips precision ground with an appropriate tooth form for a specific application. Both full kerf and thin kerf options are available.

Product Highlights

  • Minimal blade vibration and virtually no noise
  • Tight tolerance on flatness provides better dimensional control of cuts
  • Minimal side run-out eliminates marking on the workpiece
  • Hard coating on the blades prevents corrosion and helps negate pitch build-up
  • Corrosion-resistant submicron grain carbide tips
  • Smooth, clean cuts reduce secondary operations
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