Wood Tool Shop Inaugural Edition

Wood Tool Shop Inaugural Edition

Welcome to the inaugural edition of our newsletter. We are so excited to get this project off the ground and begin working with all the serious woodworkers across America. You might ask, why is another website offering bits and blades to the woodworking industry? The Wood Tooling Shop is the result of a few dedicated people who have worked in the industry for years. While doing so, one central question always seemed to surface during conversations with the customer base. How do I know what all the claims for a “better quality” tool are true? Colors, coatings, different angles, but each one seems to be similar and gives nearly the same results. The only thing I can be sure of is paying a different price.

The dedicated industry professionals I mentioned earlier have long dreamed of opening a storefront to offer a few very specific groups within the woodworking industry a superior product. Having visited factories large and small all over Europe, a small group of tooling manufacturers was selected based solely on the ability to consistently deliver a product to our specifications cost-effectively. We have focused the product mix on essential operations for the Woodworking Professional, Cabinetry Making, and the serious home woodworker we affectionately call Garage Warriors.

The product mix is limited to basic operations initially but will expand as the customer base grows and requests from users come in. This includes circular saw blades, drilling, and boring and CNC router bits. Each group is available in TCT or carbide tipped as well as PCD or diamond-tipped to meet your specific cutting requirements. In addition to tooling, we have the basics to support production on a CNC Router. A unique vacuum pod system, collets, chucks, and tool holders are in stock a ready for shipment.

We look forward to hearing from you and the opportunity to earn your business and trust. Pick-up the phone or e-mail today!

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