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WOOD TOOLING SHOP High quality woodworking tools

We have carefully selected PCD Tooling, Carbide Saw Blades and CNC accessories with exceptional performance that surpass the quality levels currently offered to the general woodworking industry.
The collective desire of a lifelong passion for the highest quality cutting tools combined with exceptional customer service and support. The Wood Tooling Shop is not your typical online supply for common woodworking tools.

Featured Products of Wood Tooling Shop

Carbide Tipped Blades


Diamond Tipped Saw Blades


Drill Bits and Hole Making


Flber Cement Blades (7)

IMS CNC Tool Holders (6)

PCD Bits for CNC Routers (66)

Solid Carbide Router Bits (28)

Proud to be a cut above.

Table Saw


Cabinet-making demands clean, precision cuts and repeatability in each set-up. WTS has complied a very specific product offering to accomplish this. Carbide and Diamond tooling produced to industrial standards for cabinet producers of all sizes.

Blade selection


Weekend woodworkers demand flexibility and reliable performance at a competitive cost. Our goal is to provide the best quality/price ratio and tools over the average lifespan. WTS brings a whole new dimension to products currently offered by Big Box Retailers. 

Table Saw


Woodworking Professionals are considered the “elite” or “master” woodworkers and require the same level of quality and performance from their tooling. WTS now brings a complete range of industrial quality carbide and diamond tools.